In case of accident

One in eight drivers, it is too!

According to the National Security Council, one in eight drivers have an accident with his car during the year. This driver can be you! Are you ready for it? You know what attitude to take and what questions to ask? This is a list of eleven points, easy to remember, established by the National Security Council: Immobilize your vehicle ., if permitted to do so with complete safety and legality Move the vehicle to the road if you can do so safely and legally. Turn the ignition key of the cars involved. Attend and assist all persons involved in the accident. Call the police and, if necessary, to emergency medical services. Highlight scene accident with signaling elements or reflective triangles. Get names of all persons in the vehicle and witnesses acciente. Make a quick diagram of the location of each vehicle occupant, indicating the vehicle registration. Also, write the date, time and weather conditions at the time. Request driver's license from another driver and copy number. Converse data the insurance company. NO argue about faults or about the accident with anyone other than the police. Keep a copy of the police report about the accident.